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 What is Firmware flashing/flash/upgrading ? What does it do?

Fimrware Flashing is the process of upgrading the firmware, or Operating system software and files, on your mobile phone .

Upgrading your firmware ensures you have the latest software and features on it. There are numerous benefits to upgrading your mobile phone , which include:

  • Extra Features and Bug Reduction Newly released Firmwares usually contain newly added features and functional including games, custom languages, and enhanced accessory support. Newer firmwares fix bug found in previous firmwares, resulting in smoother and more stable performance from your mobile phone

  • Drastically improved reception: In almost all cases, upgrading your mobile phone results in drastically improved RF signal reception. Bluetooth reception is also enhanced (if available on phone).

  • Restore to OEM: De-brand your mobile phone, remove all carrier logos and startup tones!

  • Remove Data locks: Unlock any data locks on your mobile phone! This includes internet browser locked settings!

  • Increased Value: Increase the resale value of your mobile phone by upto 300%!

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